About Me - Andrew Hertel

About Andrew

My name is Andrew Hertel and I’m a full time photography obsessor, living San Diego, CA. Currently I’m an amateur landscape photographer and am working on my dream of using my ability to capture the great outdoors and action sports with a camera as a full time career.

I grew up in a small town in Indiana, South Bend, most people only know the city because of the University of Notre Dame. I loved growing up in a small midwest town, while we didn’t have the mountains like out west were I currently live, I obtained a true love of the outdoors at a young age. Some of my greatest childhood memories are from when my family would pack up and spend weekends camping at the local state park.

In my mid twenties my future wife, Chef Maeve Rochford (look her up, she’s amazing!) convinced me to move out to Los Angeles. What could go wrong, I’m mean I’ve never really been outside the midwest before. My eyeballs were opened and I haven’t looked back. My first trip to the Sierras was life changing, the size of the mountains was unlike anything I had ever seen and I knew I wanted to be apart of this somehow.

After two years in LA my job transferred us to San Diego, and we instantly fell in love with this City. Realizing I was spending way too many years sitting behind a desk doing the 9-5 corporate gig, I couldn’t take it anymore. I quit my job, went to work for my wife while I pursue my passion as a landscape, outdoor and action sports photographer.

Follow along on my journey, please drop me a line if you have any comments or questions, I’d love to hear from you!


2018 - "Out To Sea", San Diego County Fair Exhibition of Photography: Honorable Mention Ribbon