Night/Astrophotography - Andrew Hertel

Healthy Burn

My wife and I planned for a couple months to take a much needed getaway. Camping is our preferred method of vacation! We set out to camp along the Kern River for a few days but after arriving we found out that mother nature had other plans, it was 106 degrees! We decided to head up into the Sequoia Mountains to seek shade and cooler temperatures. Not having planned on this I had no idea of the area at all. I did what I do best, made the best of it and took the opportunity to explore a new area. After driving around and talking to a Park Ranger, I ended up on Dome Rock. I just knew I had to come back to shoot the Milky Way. The orange glow in the middle of this photo is from a prescribed fire that the Ranger told me was healthy for the forest. What an amazing trip, sometimes mother nature knows best what you need.

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