Land - Andrew Hertel


Hiking in the desert is always a learning experience, you can go to the same spot many times and it's never the same. The desert can quickly make you feel small and insignificant. The weather is very unpredictable, hot one minute and then extremely cold the next. One second there is no wind at all and the next minute you have to cover you face from getting exfoliated. That little bit of shade can make the temperature seem twenty degrees cooler. On the surface one tends to think it's the desert, there's no life here but the closer you look the more signs of life you see.

On a recent trip to Ocotillo Wells with a friend and fellow photographer, who used to be a geology major, we hiked an area he knew well. Along our hike my friend would point out different rock formations, mineral deposits and coral fossils. Yes I said coral fossils in the desert, I had to take a second to think about that. To make it even more mind bending and amazing he told me that a lot of them originated from the Atlantic Ocean, we were only 120 miles from the Pacific Ocean. The Earth is an amazing place, we need to take care of it for future generations to be able to explore and learn from.

Along our hike we climbed up a ridge to get a better view of where we wanted to go next. It was a very difficult hike (even more challenging going down), my feet still hurt but once we got to the top and received this view..... it was worth every precarious step!

This image is part of my limited edition collection, only 50 copies of each size and material will be printed.

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