Land - Andrew Hertel


Growing up in the midwest, a snow filled winter was a given. After living in Southern California for over a decade, a snow filled winter is something I long for. I was hopeful that a recent storm would bring snow to the nearby mountains and it did. A friend of mine let me know that the snow arrived, my alarm was set for 4:30am so I could meet him and we could capture a gorgeous sunrise on a snow dusted mountain side. Driving further into the mountains I watched the thermostat in my car go lower and lower. By the time I reached my friend it was 24 degrees and we still had to go further up the mountain which meant a few more degrees colder.
As the morning light grew we both could see there wasn't a cloud in the sky and our sunrise wasn't going to be as glorious as we hoped. Being good sports we decided to keep going and work with what we had.
I decided to put my 50mm Macro lens to use and tried capturing the bitter cold in this image. Looking at this image I can still feel my freezing hands fumbling to work the controls on my camera.
P.S. Now that I've been away from a real cold winter for so long, my blood as definitely thinned out! I need to fix that, I was cold.

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