Water - Andrew Hertel

Calm Before

I occasionally get asked if I ever get tired of photographing the same location, my answer is almost always No. My answer is definitely a No if I'm shooting a seascape! Photographing the ocean is a very dynamic experience; no two waves are the same, no two swells are the same, no two clouds are the same nor are two sunsets ever the same. Throw in an iconic subject such as the Scripps Pier, how could you ever get tired of photographing this! There is a certain level of intimacy to be formed by going back and shooting the same location multiples times. You learn when and where the light is best during different times of the day and year. One composition may work today but may not work tomorrow, my mood may effect how I see a scene from one day to another. So no, I don't get tired of photographing locations multiple times and I encourage it.

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