Water - Andrew Hertel


The beauty and serenity of the setting sun can make everything disappear for a few brief moments. Every time I venture out to capture a sunset is a unique experience, no two are ever the same. After a long hectic day I decided I needed to escape to my favorite place, the ocean. The smell of salt water, the moist air hitting my face, watching and listening to waves crashing onto shore momentarily transport me to a place free of the stresses from everyday life. All day long I had the spot and vision in my mind of the image I wanted to capture. I watched the sky to ensure the clouds stuck around to add the drama and textures needed for this image, they did and I arrived an hour before sunset to set up. Checking my watch every ten minutes as if I could control time did not help my anxiety of seeing what vibrant finish mother nature had in store for the day. Ten minutes until sunset, I've triple checked everything and I'm ready but there isn't much color in the sky other than blue, white and grey. Having learned my lesson from packing up too soon when the colors don't pop immediately, I waited patiently. Ten minutes after sunset I could see a tinge of yellow starting to appear on the horizon. Five more minutes and beautiful oranges and reds emerged. I checked my camera to ensure I was set to capture this show, and a show it was. The most beautiful sunset lasted for 15 minutes and I was able to capture it. Good things come to those who wait, in life and in sunsets.

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